Built upon a cloud-based “content engagement” system made here in Maine, the Make/Grow Local platform offers online tools to help buyers discover and order local-made products, and producers (growers, makers) to showcase and market their goods to their customers and prospects.

It’s like a Swiss Army knife, with many integrated tools for you.


It has email marketing features built-in, with 3 channels: trackable emailssms-texting, and a news blog for posting important updates and other articles you’d like Buyers or Sellers to read. And all messages have full analytics for you to analyze the engagement your recipients have — see time of day when they read them, and how many times, to help you refine your messaging.

An intuitive “Visual Library” of Products, with easy Search

In your own company folder, you can showcase all your  product photos, your promotional and instructional videos, and it comes with  unlimited storage for all kinds of other documents (contracts, inventory lists, vendor intake forms, and more.)  It’s so much more than a simple storefront.

You and your Buyers can search and find any kinds of products via custom meta-tags, and save your favorites, or send and share your finds with other people.


An important component of the marketplace! List your products by spreadsheet or individually, together with your sales collateral, to help persuade buyers. Set your max order levels and timeframe restrictions on your inventory. Then track your orders and communicate as necessary with the buyers.

Coming soon: you can decide if you’d like to charge credit cards with your own processor, or use POs and custom payment terms—it’s up to you; we don’t force you to use any system or alter your workflow, if what you are doing works for you!

Special Features

Imagine being able to see the real-time location of your sales people or delivery drivers on a map of the State? Route optimization? What about a heatmap of where your products are selling the most and in which cities? It’s possible with MGL!


Ongoing Development

As a nonprofit dedicated to the community, we can create new features to respond to the needs of members, without concern for profitability or the demands of investors.

Learn more in the FAQs, and call or write for your demo today! The sooner you begin showcasing your products and produce, the sooner Maine can benefit from a friction-free and local, independent marketplace.

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